Live A Better Planet For The Next Generation

Reducing your carbon emissions and creating a smaller footprint can do much to protect the climate and future of the natural world. Learning more about the simple changes, more efficient appliances and new vehicles that can provide end-line consumers with the means to more effectively reduce the emissions their lifestyle is responsible for can be an important first step. Lacking the education and insight needed to take advantage of the opportunities you have available could be costing you the chance to become a more active and effective force for Read the rest of this entry »

Quick And Easy Green Energy Tips For Anyone

Going green does not have to be difficult or expensive. In fact, there are lots of simple changes that you can make within your home to reduce your energy consumption. Here are some quick and easy green energy tips that anyone could use:

1.Upgrade to Energy Efficient appliances

This step can be part of a long term project. As your appliances begin to need replacing, seek appliances with a specially marked label from the Environmental Protection agency prior to making the purchase. These energy efficient appliances can reduce Read the rest of this entry »

Power Plants And Carbon Emissions Go Hand In Hand

No matter how minor or incidental, there is no escaping the fact that power plants producing energy through the use of conventional fossil fuels are producing CO2 emissions that are damaging the ozone layer. These factors, in combination with the natural cycles of climate change, spell out a grim future for temperature fluctuation across the globe. In reality, traditional electric power plants account for 40 of the carbon dioxide pollution in the United States alone. Curbing these emissions proves to be an uphill battle as well. Power plants resist Read the rest of this entry »

How To Go Green In More Ways Than One

There are quite a number of ways an environmentally conscious person can go green. While buying a hybrid car or having solar panels installed on the roof of a home would certainly be ways to go green, such costly endeavors are not always necessary. Taking a few simple steps to go green might be all you really need to do to have a positive impact on the world.

For example, you could get into the habit of recycling everything that can be recycled. From paper to plastic, you want to be sure that anything that can go Read the rest of this entry »

DIY Green Tips For Your Wardrobe Fashions

When you want to make sure that you are living green, you will discover that life gets a lot more interesting when you start to apply that kind of thought to your clothing. The clothing that we wear takes a lot of energy to produce, and in many cases, it is produced in conditions that are unfair and even dangerous to the workers. What can you do to green your wardrobe?

In the first place, shopping for second-hand clothing can do a lot. Your money does not go to shops that may be behaving unethically, Read the rest of this entry »

Is Pope Francis A Green Energy Advocate

The College of Cardinals elected Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as the new leader of the Roman Catholic Church on May 13, 2013. This decision began the rule of Pope Francis, who is potentially the first “green” pope.

Pope Francis’ own words support this idea. During his inaugural Mass, the pope said, “Let us be protectors of creation, protectors of God’s plan inscribed in nature, protectors of one another and of the environment. Let us not allow omens of destruction and death to accompany the advance of this Read the rest of this entry »

Five Steps To Reducing Carbon Emissions

You may not be able to afford to switch your house over to solar electricity or buy an all-electric car, but you can take the following steps to help reduce your carbon emissions and help minimize your impact on the climate.

Step 1: Shut off all your lights and electrical devices when you are not using them. Since many appliances have a “sleep” mode, unplugging them stops the small but constant power draw they produce. You can make the job easier by plugging these devices into a single power strip. You Read the rest of this entry »